Waterless Foam Cleaner

The new easy way to clean your sneakers! No more bowls! No more water! Directions are simple! Simply pump, scrub and dry! No more unnecessary steps and no more wasted product.

Stain-X ™

Stain-X™ will remove most stains such as dirt, salt, food, perspiration, grease and cosmetics. Stain-X™ can also be used on cuff and collar stains, straw, mesh and most synthetics.


When properly applied, Sneaker Doctor™ Whitener will clean, polish and preserve all smooth white leather articles. When dry Sneaker Doctor™ Whitener is rub-off resistant.

Water & Stain Repellent

Provides an invisible protective coating that repels water & stains to help keep items clean and dry.

Sole-Brite ™

Sole-Brite™ is a multiuse product used to remove oxidization, such as yellowing on rubber soles.


Sneaker Doctor™ Deodoriser helps to rid your sneakers, shoes, clothing, bags and more of those woofy smells!

Magic Sponge

This magic cleaning eraser removes stains and dirt with water. The eraser works great on leather, fabric, plastic or rubber and can be cut into any size or shape.

Natural Hair Brush (Firm)

The SNEAKER DOCTOR™ BRUSH FIRM is made from synthetic bristles so it is firm to work the cleaning product deep into the grain and all the nooks and crannies to get out that grime from the sneakers or any surface you wish to scrub.

Natural Hair Brush (Soft)

Sneaker Doctor™ Brush Natural Hair Soft is designed to be used for scrubbing all surfaces even delicate gauze materials on sneakers without damaging the material.

Microfibre cloth

SNEAKER DOCTOR™ PREMIUM TERRY MICROFIBRE CLOTH is great for wiping away the dirt & suds while leaving behind no residue. Great for use on leather, suede, vinyl, rubber, canvas and fabric.